Welcome to my Art Gallery. The photo below was taken in Brugge, Belgium, on one of my many overseas trips with my lovely wife Barbara. I hope you enjoy looking at my paintings, as much as I enjoy painting them.   

           Venetian Shapes

Nev is an Australian Artist who was  born in Brisbane, but grew up in Gatton in the Lockyer Valley,where he received an early training in Perspective Drawing during his High School years. This was reinforced during the Electrical Engineering course which he completed at the U of QLD with first class honours in 1959. Nev took early retirement in 1987 and began to concentrate on his painting. He was converted to Watercolours after attending a course in England with Ron Ranson. Nev regularly exhibits,sells and receives prizes in Art Exhibitions in Eastern Australia, and is represented in three galleries in the USA, and three in Australia.
Nev likes to paint buildings and street scenes and his early training in Perspective Drawing is a great help in this regard. His favourite city from a painting point of view is Venice and he has visited this city 15 times.He describes his style as Realist Impressionism, with most emphasis on Realism.

                 Florence Walk

          The Lone Tree Roma